Bali Wedding

How to Get Marriage in Bali

For the most part of the globe is possible to get married legally in Bali and recognized by some the foreign countries, to conduct a legal wedding ceremony the couple must be possessed a religious ceremony initially and it base on the religion of the couple which are recognized by the Government of Indonesia to include Bali, such us: Christian Protestant, Catholic, Buddhism, Hindu and Muslim The marriage should be registered with the district Civil Registrar & the ceremony must be performed under religious rites. Indonesian authorities require that all foreigners planning to marry in Indonesia obtain a “CNI” (Certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage) before the wedding. This is simply a letter from your Consulate or Embassy representative in Indonesia stating that there is no objection for you to get married in Indonesia.

For the Consulate to issue this letter, each couple must personally visit their country’s respective Consulate to swear an oath that they are free to marry, for some Embassy or Consulate office allow an application of CNI by sending all detail required by Embassy or Consulate office, for further information please contact our wedding specialist. You must have with you the documents listed below. Once the oath has been taken, the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage will be produced and handed over. This is usually done on the spot.

The following information will be required in order to process your marriage certificate in Indonesia as follows:

  • Copy of your valid passport not less than six month
  • Birth certificates for both parties
  • Details of religious faith (i.e. baptism certificates)
  • Written parental consent for any person under the age of 21
  • Death certificate of former spouse (when relevant)
  • Decree absolute divorce certificate (when relevant) Two (2) witnesses are required for your wedding. If you do not have any witnesses Bali Holidays Wedding will arrange.
  • Eight (8) photographs (6 x 4 cm) of the couple in same photo. Photo must be of the head & shoulders only, side by side, looking straight ahead. FYI, these photos will be attached to your wedding certificate.
  • Fill in our wedding application form, please click our wedding application form

Catholic Couples must also present:

  • Baptism Certificates – Mandatory. These should be issued not more than 6 months (and preferably not more than 3 months) prior to your wedding date;
  • “Letter of Freedom” issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to marry;
  • “Letter of Delegation” issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring that they have no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church in Bali.
  • Pre Nuptial Course
  • Pre Marriage Inquiry

To organized a catholic wedding ceremony, it is highly appreciated if you are able to finalize all paper works required by the Catholic Church one month prior to your wedding. For Catholic wedding in Bali only allowed to done in Catholic Church

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Tip’s Before Big day of your Wedding

Destination Wedding’s

Every bride wants her wedding to be one-of-a-kind. Having a wedding at a fabulous resort is one way to make your event more memorable and it is becoming more and more popular with couples planning a wedding.

A wedding is a wonderful celebration that brings family and friends together. These days, however, weddings often require travel for many of the guests because people are spread out across the country. If many guests have long distances to travel to begin with, why not choose an exotic location and turn your wedding into a more memorable event for everyone?

Location, Location, Location…

Choosing the right place for your wedding should be first on your “to do” list. This day should be perfect from start to finish – that is why finding the right place should be first on your ‘to do’ list. The place where you and your fiancee will exchange vows will set the mood for your whole wedding celebration. Whether you choose to have your first kiss as a married couple on the beach, or dancing in a ballroom like Cinderella, there are many beautiful locations throughout the world to choose for a destination wedding.

One of the drawbacks of a destination wedding is the expense of flights and the added expense of accommodations that guests would need to pay for. Keep in mind that a lot of your guests may decide not to attend based on these factors. If you have problems with a guest list that is getting out of control, a destination wedding may be the answer to your problems.

Helpful Tip – send invitations early so that your guests will have enough time to make travel plans

Before you go be sure to check on local marriage license laws and any paperwork you will need to bring – visa, birth certificate etc. If you are getting married outside on the beach, have a back-up plan if the weather is not cooperating. If you plan to marry in the Caribbean you may want to avoid hurricane season.

Most brides choose an informal style wedding dress for destination weddings because they are easier to pack and wear. Many designers are offering bridal gowns made from light, easy to wear fabric like chiffon and silk crepe that are perfect for an island wedding. Ask your local bridal salon for additional ideas and on how to pack your gown for travel. Many of the resorts may have ironing services or they may be able to recommend a pressing service. If traveling to Europe, ask for a local tailor shop.

The Groom’s Attire

For the groom, a popular option is the all-ivory or all-white tuxedo. Some of today’s hottest tuxedo styles are designed in non-traditional styles and shades.

Whatever location you choose for your wedding, remember to take time to enjoy the day!

To start the floral arrangement plans for your wedding, begin talking to your florist about 6 to 8 months before your wedding and sign a contract. The various shops that you can buy and send flowers all across the world can also make very nice floral arrangements for parties and other occasions. Beautiful dining rooms that have an elegant style about them usually have a floral arrangement made from roses on the table as a centerpiece. A floral tribute is a very appropriate way of expressing sympathy to a family who has experienced the loss of their loved one. You can put the flowers for your flower arrangement in a vase or some container that is decorative and holds water. To start the floral arrangement in the right direction, make sure you study the latest arrangements at your local florist for ideas. There are many ways to set a floral arrangement apart from all the other traditional styles out on the market today.

Dried flowers in glass domes that are designed very nicely help bring out the beauty in the dried floral arrangement. The various containers used in making floral arrangements may include but are not limited to: bamboo tubes, bronze vases, lacquer ware, and baskets. Ask your florist for particular varieties that open nicely; flowers with large heads and a lot of petals always look great in a floral arrangement. Beautiful dining centerpiece in romantic restaurants usually have a candle for it’s centerpiece instead of a floral arrangement.

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